Bob Whelan has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Health from George Mason University and a Masters Degree in Management from Troy University. He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and is certified as a Physical Training Instructor by the International Combat Martial Arts Federation. Bob served as the District of Columbia National Strength & Conditioning Association State Director for over 5 years and was the founder and director of 6 Capital City Strength Clinics. He made Washington, DC stronger from 1990 - 2012 running Whelan Strength Training, one of the most comprehensive personal strength & conditioning programs in the world. He is now training clients part-time in Florida. He formerly worked as an exercise physiologist at The National Aeronautics and Space Administration and as the strength & conditioning coach at Catholic University. He taught a self-designed course, Strength Fitness, at Northern Virginia Community College. He has trained athletes from the NFL, NBA, NCAA, Women's Professional Basketball, and various combat and strength athletes. He was an off-season conditioning consultant to the Boston Celtics for two summers. Bob competed as a powerlifter for seven years and set several military powerlifting records, going undefeated for 3 years. He lifted natural (life-time steroid free) & raw and had a bench press that was double his bodyweight, a deadlift that was triple his bodyweight, and a squat just a few pounds short of triple bodyweight. He was the base varsity powerlifting coach and coached the team to the USAFE championship in 1983. Bob is the author of SUPER NATURAL STRENGTH, co-author/editor of IRON NATION, and contributing author in the strength and fitness book, MAXIMIZE YOUR TRAINING. He produced the training video GO HARD or GO HOME!, and the motivational audio cassette MIND STRENGTH. He was a long time columnist for HARDGAINER MAGAZINE from 1994 to 2004. He has written over 100 strength training articles that have appeared in other magazines too such as THE DINOSAUR FILES, MILO, HARD TRAINING, and THE IRON MASTER. Bob is the owner of NaturalStrength.com, MindForceRadio.com, PhysicalCultureBooks.com, WebStrengthCoach.com and other internet businesses. Bob is a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and hosted a weekly talk radio show on WGTB in Washington, DC. Prior to making his passion his profession, Bob served 8 years in the U.S. Air Force, and 5 years as a Federal Agent. (Contact: bobwhelan@naturalstrength.com)


​“In IRON NATION, Bob Whelan and Drew Israel have compiled a masterpiece text on some of the most intriguing and compelling personal stories, iron game history, and gut-wrenching training routines ever put to paper. If you truly love “hard training” without all of the frills or “pomp and circumstance” so common today, you will love IRON NATION!”
--Ken Mannie, Head Strength/Conditioning Coach, Michigan State University

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​"Super Natural Strength is a great source of information for anyone who wants real drug-free strength training, without hype, fads, worthless supplements or training advice from steroid users." 
--Dick Conner, Powerlifting Coach, (Multiple National Champion), Strength Expert

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Bob Whelan

Bob Whelan

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