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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Iron Nation - Highly Recommended by Bradley J. Steiner

As what might be considered a kind of "elder statesman" of the Iron Game (I have been in it and writing about it since the 1960's) I have been both appalled and delighted by that which I have seen transpire in the muscle and strength-building field over the decades.

The size-mania, living in the gym, cosmetic-oriented "appearance training", and of course the damn steroid drug scourge, has appalled me. The work of men like Bob Whelan and Drew Israel, and the occasional literary gems that evolve as a result of the work of these men — such as this new book, IRON NATION, has delighted me.

There are few activities as rewarding — mentally, physically, and spiritually — as sensible progressive resistance (barbell/dumbell and similar types of) exercise. And we who love this activity and who wish to see it continue to enrich those seekers-after-personal-strength-and-excellence always celebrate a quality literary contribution to our beloved field.

We recommend it highly.

Bradley J. Steiner