Sunday, December 12, 2010

Message from Todd Baisley - Great Iron Nation Endorsement


I wanted to say thanks for ...  [Iron Nation].  Your cast of characters and their insights and stories are great. I remember sleeping in a gym a couple times (though never for years), working out on zero sleep many times, digging my barbell out of the snow in north central N.Y. and chipping the ice off the collars when living in a mobile home. The first year we were married, a general practitioner misdiagnosed me with cancer because I was passing blood after drinking two or three quarts of whole milk every single day of my life for 6 years despite being somewhat lactose intolerant. I still remember one of my first HIT style workouts about 16 years ago. It was between classes at college. I hit about 8 or ten sets hard, thought I was kind of OK, till the front squat/deadlift superset caught up with me 10 minutes later and I started blacking out in the hall going to my next class. Lastly, I remember jogging 7and a half miles through Panama in the middle of the night with my workout partner as we hit the always open gym that the grunt detachment had on the married housing base after working a late shift and being unable to go to our gym on Ft. Davis. 

... your book brought back many memories and as a solo trainer, ... I agree 100% that methodology is not the thread that binds natural lifters together. It is a love for lifting and a sometimes out of balance commitment to train hard and regularly. 

Thanks to you and Drew for putting together such a great book .... It really brought a smile to my face. 

God bless and have a great holiday season. 


[Ed Note: Todd Baisley is the Author of: Workforce Warrior -- Thanks for the nice message Todd. - Bob]

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