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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hey everybody... I hope all is well. I love equipment and recently ran accross a company called Black Widow. They are in Long Island and their equipment is built really strong. I have purchased numerous items and everything is as strong as any other company people buy from. They also make things custom ... no big company would ever do that. I got farmers walk items as well as a rickshaw bar and swiss bar. He has also custom made a few bars for me and they are great. Anyone who knows me understands that if I don't like a company I would never promote them. There stuff is too good not to be known. The price for his machines are unbeleivably cheap for such high quality. Check it out ... its worth it. You can reach them at (631) 245-9599 also on facebook (CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE) and he has a lot going on YouTube. DREW ISRAEL

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