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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Busy People: 100 min per week workout - By Sevdelin Dimitrov

In our days, it is very difficult for many people to find free time and go to a gym or outside based exercise facilities. Many of us are searching for an effective and short weekly workout schedule so that we keep good health and improve muscles and internal organs strength.

There are many programs suitable for busy people and if a person has 100 min per week for exercises he /she can maintain even improve their physical condition and health.

Program guidelines

**Approximately 10 min of strength training:
Perform one set of 10-15 repetitions from each exercise in slow controlled motion.
***One minute rest between exercises
*** Approximately 20 min cardio activity
***3-5 min stretching ,at the end of the training session.

Sample time saving program.

1. Inclined bench press
2. Assisted dips
3. Wide grip lat pull
4. Close grip lat pull down
5. Barbell shoulder shrugs

Cardio: Treadmill intervals; 4 min jogging 1 min fast running HR=60-75% MHR

1. Side lateral raises
Superset Dumbbell Military Presses:
2.Dumbbell standing curls
3. Triceps rope extensions

Cardio: Bike intervals; 3 min slow 2 min medium to fast speed; HR=60-75% MHR

1. Leg extensions
2. Leg press
3. Leg curls
4. Machine calves standing raises
5. Abs crunches
6. Lower back floor flexing

Cardio: Cross Trainer; steady; HR=60% MHR

Program benefits: strength improvement, adequate muscle recovery, increasing cardiovascular capacity ,fat burning, self esteem raise.

Stay in Good Health:

Sevdelin Dimitrov,
Certified Personal Trainer- the USA, UK, Bulgaria

Physical Culture