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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stanley Anthony Stanczyk - By Osmo "John" Kiiha

Reprinted with the Permission of The Iron Master

          Happy-go-lucky Stan Stanczyk will always be remembered as the first lifter to win three successive world titles in three different classes. In 1946, he was the light-weight champion; in 1947, middleweight; and in 1948, he took the Olympic light-heavyweight title. Stanley went on to win three more World Championships in 1949 and 1950; and in 1951, as a light-heavyweight.
          Stanczyk was no ordinary strongman. He was in the possession of extraordinary athletic ability and split second timing. But above all, he was a wonderful competitor and a good sport.
          Stan burst onto the national scene in 1942 by winning third place at that year's Senior Nationals as a lightweight (145 BWT) - only his third contest to date.
          He racked up a total of 695 with lifts of a 195 press, a 225 snatch, and a 275 clean and jerk. On an extra attempt, Stan easily cleaned 300 pounds only to miss the jerk portion of the lift. Stanczyk was just two weeks past his 17th birthday... Click Here to Continue