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Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Way to Build 18 inch Arms Naturally - By Petros Parizas

In life there is always a good way and a bad way of doing things.Strangely i begin always using the bad way.That can well describe what exactly happened with my training..
To make the history short I want to let you know that i tried everything when it comes to training to build my arms on a bodyweight of 170lbs..from HIT to high vomume and in between..high reps, lower reps, rest pause reps and so on. At the begining everything worked well, I got stronger and muscle mass followed .. and in a period of 2-3 years i had to show 16.5 inc arms. Back then i was on the "famous" one muscle a day routine.
It was about time that problems began to show up ... pain in both shoulders, elbow and knee aches .. and the most important for me ... no strength or muscle gains for 1-2 years!
Accidentally i came across names such as Stuart McRobert, Brooks Kubik and Bob Whelan. It was time to make a huge change in my training and at last build 18in arms on a bodyweight of 180lbs.
I stopped training 5 days a week but 3 at the most.
Did 2 sets for each muscle instead of 15
Relied on fullbody routines or upper/lower split if i was to train 3 days a week.
And last but not least the secret I learned from Prof. Brandley Steiner .. the forgotten light-medium-heavy training. 
On that specific principle I have so much to say that we can speak on another article.

Editors Note: Great information Petros ... especially considering that English is not your first language you did fantastic! ... Petros is a Greek Cypriot but after his medicial studies in Athens, he now lives and works in Sweden as surgeon. Keep em coming Petros!