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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What 4 weeks of being coached by Bob Whelan on Web Strength did for me

After 4 weeks with Coach Whelan's training routine and nutritional guidance, I was able to pack on 11 pounds and progress 10-20 pounds in most of my work sets. After our first talk, Coach Whelan laid out a specific training routine and nutrition plan to reach my goals. Coach Whelan was there every step of the way to give me encouragement, as well as to critique and make the right adjustments for me to move forward. The mentoring I received, between the phone consultations and suggested reading lists, have given me the confidence that I now have the tools to continue to move forward in my training. Thank you coach for making my goals your goal and staying on top of me to see them through. I highly recommend coach Whelan, (, to anyone who is serious about strength training without the excuses.
Very Respectfully,
R.J. Hicks

Editors note: Thanks you RJ, it was a pleasure. You worked hard and deserve the results.