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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Great New Book on Strength Training and Natural Bodybuilding By Stuart McRobert and Chuck Miller

I highly recommend the new book: INSIDE THE MIND OF AN IRON ICON By Stuart McRobert with Chuck Miller.

As with all of Stuart's book's, this is another one I endorse. No magic or secrets here, (and that's why I like it so much), ... just the rock solid information that you need to hear. This book is crammed with top quality and truthful information for the drug free trainee to maximize his or her potential.

I have also known Chuck Miller for more than 15 years. He was one of the top natural powerlifters in the Mid Atlantic area and trained at my DC gym (Whelan Strength Training) several times. He attended many of my Capital City Strength Clinics in Washington, DC too. Chuck was the first person to shoulder the 250 pound Atomic Athletic granite stone at WST. Chuck did a great job putting this book together and is to be commended.

Are you stuck in a training rut? Save a lot of time, money and frustration and get this book now. If you are serious about your training then this book belongs in your collection.

Bob Whelan