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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nick McKinless Squats 405 x 20 reps

"Bob, ... that's high bar, below parallel, just a belt. Been chasing this for 20 years. It's not often you hit lifetime goals in training. Ever since I heard about 20 rep squats well over 20 years ago I have wanted to do this feat of strength. Last week I failed with 17 reps. This week I took a little more time and got all 20. As it happens I didn't feel great going into this workout. I was tired from a long week of work, driving in and out of London and not getting much sleep. I haven't trained since last weeks attempt though and I think my back was fully recovered. This is the end of this successful and enjoyable phase of training to push my squat to new heights. Training is simple but it is not easy. I am grateful that I can still train this hard after 30 years under the Iron." -Nick

Great job Nick! Congrats!