Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Most Steroid Users Not All That Impressive - By Zac Davenport

In my experience from all the years I’ve been training in bodybuilding and strength training one of the biggest misconceptions is that anybody who happens to use steroids is impressively strong ... from what I’ve seen this is a myth I’ve seen this time and time again.

People will approach me saying look at the size of this guy every week in the gym I train in. Without fail the same people will say the same things about the local freaks but to the ignorant mind I suppose it can be excused as the youth of today haven't got a chance. While me and my friend train old school hard core we pick maybe four basic exercise such as the bench press squats barbell rows and some ab work then across the way some big guys who are obviously taking something are in the corner doing for instance if its Monday. Which for some reason seems to be international chest day their doing cable cross overs with weights my grandmother could do and she's been dead 15 years.

Bench press with terrible form normally with two 20kg plates only bouncing off their chests and letting the weight control them not the other way round. Along with dumbbell flyes with relatively lights weights I look over and see one of these not so impressive people watching our squatting poundages with eyes that look like they are going to pop out of their head if they are so strong with their drug induced physiques why would they be taking such a keen interest in our basic so called inferior workout. But another thing we also noticed and to our amusement they are actually big in the torso area. But and this is a big but have spindly legs like a sparrow so all this time they have been concentrating on their mirror muscles they have neglected their legs. Well if they do happen to train their little legs they must only use the machines. No squats. Like only the leg press lying leg curls or the leg extension.

This is the thing I can't understand because the drug using fraternity which is the bodybuilding elite of today have deluded the minds of young trainees who take steroids to use split routines and don't put the effort in to train natural and increase their workout poundages over time. It seems in terms of training knowledge we really do need to go back 50 to 100 years and learn about solid training ... more is not better ... more brief intense workouts is what its all about something I bet the drug users of today don't seem to understand. There they are in near enough every gym in the world posing in the mirrors on their phones and trying to look pretty if they happened to put that much effort in to their training and re-evaluated their training then perhaps they wouldn't have to take short cuts

That point I'm trying to make here my friends is that you can take all the drugs and take all the short cuts you want. But nothing can replace hard work on the basic compound exercises that the strength trainers of old built their impressive physiques on. Men such as Reg Park, Steve Reeves and not forgetting Eugene Sandow and what did all these men have in common? That's right they were all drug free and used basic exercises like the squat military press and deadlifts to build up their strength and physiques with hard work. At the end of the day folks its your choice if you wan't to use short cuts but if you wan't my advice just don't do it and have a bit of pride about yourself and take the natural route you might just surprise yourself.

Editors note: Your message is good. Steroids ALONE don't work. You still have to do the work. Most steroid users lack character or they wouldn't use drugs in the first place. This lack of character is also what makes many of them look for every short cut in training as well.

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