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The Steroid Curse - By Bradley J. Steiner

WE have been involved in both the physical training and the martial arts fields for more than half a century. We have been in love with martial arts and with serious weight-training (“bodybuilding”), and we have been greatly saddened by being witness to the decline of both these wonderful fields. Steroid drugs, coupled with idiotic ideas about size being everything, and with the emphasis given to bodybuilding as a competitive sport, rather than as a marvelous system of personalized physical education and the road to lifetime strength and fitness, resulted in that combination of stupid standards and the absolutely INSANE use of steroid drugs by fools who accepted the widespread standards and norms of a braindead subcultural “movement”.

Prior to 1970, the word bodybuilding meant sensible physical culture that had as its aim the development of a good physique, superior health, excellent fitness and strength levels, and personal discipline — for everyone who wished to participate. The bodybuilding “scene” today is disgraceful, atrocious, abominable, and UNHEALTHY. The few of us who remain dedicated to genuine physical culture are a kind of “underground”, with lunacy reigning supreme in the mainstream.

Now it has struck the martial arts.

Once you accept an insane and preposterous objective and standard, insane and preposterous means by which such objectives and standards may be reached become “acceptable”. The insane and preposterous objectives and standards that arose in the field of bodybuilding resulted in the stupidity of accepting death-dealing drugs as an “okay adjunct” to training. Well, the insane and preposterous objectives and standards that now pollute the martial arts world (epitomized by the SHAMEFUL CRAP [in our personal opinion] of such phenomena as the UFC, MMA, “challenge events”, ad nauseum) has now made steroid drugs “acceptable” to the thimblewits who — as knuckle-dragging, tatooed, scowling, aggressive, chip-on-the-shoulder “toughguys” — bray like the asses they are about their “toughness” and their readiness to “fight anyone”, etc. Bringing shame and disgrace to the warrior’s spirit and art, these muscle-pumping, brawling morons, look for fights, like to brawl, and enjoy the persona that they have earned, as aggressive PUNKS and troublemakers. Now (quite logically) these morons have begun to use steroids. After all, it gives ‘em their edge, doesn’t it? They’re toughguys, damn it! Yeah!

We have been teaching combat arts (and physical training) for well over 40 years. As a plea to anyone reading our material here or elsewhere, and looking for sound advice on how to train and develop and live, we have this to say: DO NOT, REGARDLESS OF WHAT B.S. ANYONE GIVES YOU ABOUT IT BEING “SAFE” OR “OKAY”, OR WHATEVER-THE-HELL THEY TELL YOU, DO NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT EVER TOUCH STEROID DRUGS! They are life-threatening and can cause terribly serious illnesses and irregularities. Please . . . we know that of which we speak. When we tell you anything about physical training or close combat and self-defense we know what we are talking about.


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Article Written by By Bradley J. Steiner

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