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THE DEVELOPMENT OF PHYSICAL POWER - (Circa 1906) - Chapter 25 - Measurements of Hermann and Kurt - By Arthur Saxon

Hermann Saxon

Hermann's weight is 168 lbs. stripped, his other measurements being as under:

Biceps - 16 1/2 ins. Forearm - 13 3/8 ins. Chest, normal - 44 ins. Chest, expanded - 47 ins. Waist - 32 ins. Thigh - 23 1/4 ins. Calf - 15 1/4 ins.

He raises with two hands in a clean bar-bell lift 290 lbs. In a bar-bell lift - Continental style - 310 lbs. and snatches 187 lbs., and, at the Health and Strength display some time ago in Regent Street he pressed slowly with two hands 220 lbs., but since then has succeeded in pushing 230 lbs., and it may interest many to learn that in the style of lifting in vogue at the English Amateur Championship for single-handed lifting, i.e., clean pull to the shoulder and press overhead, he has lifted 240 lbs. in a bar-bell lift. This is the professional record, the amateur record being held by Mr. Tom Pevier (230 lbs.). Perhaps more will be heard of Hermann in the future, and this applies to Kurt, as neither have yet reached their limit.

They are never so happy as when practising with weights, and of course this is the right spirit to feel, and one which the would-be weight-lifter must be possessed of if he would be successful.


Kurt Saxon

Kurt, although a little taller than Hermann, being 5 ft. 8 1/2 in. against Hermann's 5 ft. 8 in., weighs the same, 168 lbs., although at times he is a lb. or two heavier. His measurements are: -

Biceps -15 1/2 ins. Forearm - 13 3/8 ins. Chest, normal 42 1/2 ins. Chest, expanded - 46 ins. Waist - 31 ins. Thigh - 23 1/4 ins. Calf - 16 1/4 ins.

He lifts in a bar bell lift with both hands clean 293 lbs. Continental style, 315 lbs., and snatches 184 lbs.

He is only 20 years of age, whilst Hermann is 23.

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