Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Complicate Exercise? - By Fred Fornicola

Originally posted on on February 5, 2007

Too often in today’s fitness world there is an overabundance of misleading information that seems to create more havoc than providing solutions. Having to stay on top of the latest fads and trends is a full time job – one that I do not subscribe to and never will since I see no reason. The need to find what is “best” or “optimal” becomes the focus of many trainers and trainees alike – usually causing one to lose sight of what is truly important – which is health. The fact that using basic exercises, doing some recreational/cardiovascular activity and eating good wholesome food performed on a routine basis have been a mainstay for hundreds of years. Surprisingly there are some that still vehemently oppose that concept. Not outwardly of course (well, in some cases maybe) but they do so through overly complicated methods and “scientific research”. There seems to be a need to create a “new and improved” approach that will catapult fitness to the next level. In my mind, this begs the question of why? Why complicate the uncomplicated. Is it because they truly feel they have discovered a “new” approach or are they out for the money or just bored and feel the need to stir the pot? Hey, there’s nothing wrong with trying to improve on things but don’t sit there thinking for one minute that you’ll get anywhere trying to put a square object in a round hole.

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