Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Training Consultation With Max Bob

"Hi Max Bob! I just wanted to tell you that your program really works! I'm so happy I signed up a few months ago. I've already gained 12 pounds of muscle and I’ve put about 25 pounds on most of my exercises. The program you designed for me was tough but my whole body definitely gets worked like never before. Your improvisation was great too as I have only limited equipment training at home. I guess the barbell is all you really need to have, right? Thanks again Bob, it was just a small amount of money to get your direction and well spent!"

Kjell P.,
Vasby, Sweden

“I didn’t know what to expect from your phone consultation … but I was most impressed! Thanks for your help. The hour flew by and I appreciate your straight talking, no nonsense style. I’ve now got balanced routines to get to work on. I went into the first workout on Saturday with added zeal and enthusiasm. I’m pretty determined to get stronger and the phone consultation has definitely kick started and given me great motivation to succeed.”

John B.,

“After my telephone consultation with Bob I was armed to my teeth with all necessary training information to get back to training after a 8 year old layoff. Not only was the information worth every penny but also the way Bob present his training wisdom inspire you to rush to the gym and have the workout of your life. Bob presents the information in a very simple way that makes 100% sense and which everyone can understand. Bob gives hope to guys like me, (who just turned 50, working full time and have a family), that training and making gains is still possible. I’ve just finished my first workout based on the information Bob gave and I cannot remember I ever had a better workout. I cannot wait for my next workout!”

Per H.,
Stockholm, Sweden

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