Friday, February 10, 2017

Wasted Years! - A mesage from Rob Phillips

Subject: Wasted years

Hello sir, I just stumbled upon your fantastic podcast! Already listened to 5, great host, great guests, great subjects. The information contained within is a literal goldmine. I would love to contribute an article for your consideration if I could be so bold.

Wasted Years

I'm 43 this year, I've been lifting on and off for 20 years. I think I've got a pretty good physique for my age, I've never taken anything more than creatine and protein powder (won't ever fall for that propaganda again, but that's another story ) when I started training I was 160lb at 6,2 I could get two hands around the top of my thigh. I was the guy on the beach that had sand kicked into his face by Charles Atlas.

I wish I could turn back the clock and tell myself
drug using bodybuilder workouts will not work for you!

Compound exercises should comprise the majority of your workouts!

No supplement is better than food!

The muscle magazines and every pro bodybuilder are lying to you!

Low rep, high intensity workouts are better for you than high rep low intensity!

Having big muscles but being weak is not a benefit!

A six-pack is not really important to your life!

Unfortunately for me, this took me nearly 20 years to work out, but I'm not bitter. I'm happier with my training than I've ever been and stronger than ever. I Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Chin, Row, and Press alternating twice a week. They can keep their ego driven training in the magazine's for the goons, hard heavy infrequent training is the real deal. No matter your age or gender, there's time to change for the better. Keep lifting !

Editor's Note: Great Info Rob, please keep them coming. I'm glad you like the Natural Strength Night podcast and appreciate the kind words. -Bob
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