Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Q&A - Whole Body Training vs Split Training - Bob Whelan


I have one question for you please sir. I have went back and forth with this until it has gave me a headache. Whole body training vs split training. I have some people saying that for power, size, conditioning that whole body training is superior and then you hear others tell you split training is better for you. I hear you should listen to your body but shouldn't you listen to others that have done both of them too? Would you be kind enough to explain this to me and your advice on this? 

Thank you sir and God bless

Rick C.

Hi Rick,

I don't have time to explain in depth as it would take pages of typing, but I can give you a brief opinion to point you in the right direction. Ask yourself these questions before asking someone this question.

Are you SURE the person you are asking is 100% against the use of PEDs and has never used them?  What type of split are we talking about? There is a big difference between a 4 day split and a 6 day split.  What are the training goals?   Does the person doing the training have great, good, average or below average genetics for training?  
What is the age of the trainee? Does he love to train? Have any injuries? Drug Free? How much time does he have to train?

In a nutshell: There can be exceptions, but 90% of the time WHOLE BODY is better for NATURAL DRUG FREE trainees.

Rick, listen to this podcast. I talk about this on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiZ9Ue-zsMA 

If you need more help, go to WebStrengthCoach.com and get either a consultation or 4 weeks of training.

Good luck. I hope this helps.


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