Thursday, July 27, 2017

The True Masters of Natural Training - By Sutinder Mann

Truth has a power all of its own, you may try to cover it up with lies or ignore it but it remains the truth. In the training world a sincere physical culturist has an internal compass which points to the truth but as fallible beings we get lured by flashy claims. When I first read Stuart McRobert and Bob Whelan, I knew they were the real deal and ordered their books, which now serve as references on my bedside table.

About five years ago, the summer before I started back at work, I had happened upon a thread which discussed John Christy’s training methodologies and I was captivated by the ideas he expressed and they complimented the aforementioned authors. Another thing about truth is that it keeps popping up.

I was captivated by the ideas Coach Christy expressed they fitted my experience as an old school home garage trainee using free weights. It was as if I was illuminating a room I had always lived in but for the first time I saw it clearly and understood the the whys and wherefores of strength training.

For instance the idea of sticking with an effective program long term to master the exercises to ensure consistent performance and progression through his concept of ‘beating failure’. I had to have his book; I went to his website and was saddened by a lovingly put together video tribute to John Christy. I did not know ….. I did further research and on there was a fine tribute from Bob Whelan.

I returned to John’s RealStrengthRealMuscle website and ordered his book. It would take several weeks to arrive because it would need shipping from America to England.

Work became tumultuous due to restructuring of the organization and it became a fight for survival. John’s book arrived I could not put it down and I started to incorporate many of John’s ideas.

Despite working harder than I have ever done in my career I made great progress in my gym. Being patient and believing in his program I actually beat the hard gainer target of 300 x10 by getting (150kg) 330X10 reps for 2 sets in the parallel squat. Which was massive for me as the other targets outlined in Brawn Page 35 are still a long way off but I’m working towards them. Unfortunately I broke John’s rules by getting too greedy, buoyed by my success and not listening to my body which resulted in an injury but that’s another story and entirely my fault. Even in my predicament John had advice which helped.

“If you are a warrior, you’re going to get battle wounds -whether it is an injury or sickness. Just be smart, get healed and get back into the fight!" ... Excerpt from John Christy’s Real Strength Real Muscle Book P79

John Christy was master of natural training but also on how to approach life. He stressed hard work and guts both in dealing with training and also life in general. The tough minded approach helped me with one of the most difficult years of my career and his book cuts out the crap which is prevalent in training. I know I could not have made the progress I have made without his wisdom and the complimentary ideas of Stuart McRobert and Bob Whelan.

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