Thursday, June 14, 2018

Message from Al Coleman, one of the best clients I ever had, and a great guy. Please help!

Hello all,
Many of you haven't heard from me in some time and I hate to renew contact under these circumstances.
Approximately one year ago my daughter Brooke was hit by a car while walking her bike across the street. She was in a coma for almost two months and wasn't released from the hospital until midway through October. She sustained some severe physical injuries much of which were reparable thankfully. While she is slowly getting better from these injuries the injury that has reverberated and caused the most suffering was/is the brain injury. It took a while before the brain scans started to show some normalcy but the doctors said that we wouldn't really know how they would heal until about two years out. Here we are a year later and things are tricky. On the surface she appears to be normal, but she is having a great deal of cognitive difficulty that has caused her not only to miss a majority of her freshman year of high school, but has also caused her multiple multi week stays in the hospital for a multitude of reasons.
I tell you all of this because around the time of the accident my wife set up a Go Fund Me page to help bring in some extra funds to cover the unpredictable medical costs both for the out of pocket and for what insurance wouldn't cover. The campaign helped us out a great deal initially( and we are very grateful for the contributions), but we accruing continued medical cost that we did not think would still be accumulating to the degree that they are.
My wife was very active on social media and is responsible for generating the responses we received, but as some of you may know I'm non existent in that realm so now I'm trying to help by reaching out to those I know. I feel trepidation is asking but it has come to that point. I'm grateful to have had all of you in my life in some way and we would be grateful for anything at all that is contributed.
The description on the Go Fund Me cover page was written at the time of the accident just so it makes sense when you read it.
Thank you all for reading this and I sincerely hope you are all well and in good health.
Warm regards,
This is about our Beautiful once vibrant and Artistic and intelligent daughter Brooke. My daughter IS Brooke Coleman, she just recently turned 14. She was riding her new bike she had just earned through her new babysitting job on Monday afternoon when She was Hit by a car head on! She was thrown...

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