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Self Defense and Strength when Times Are Hard - By David Sedunary

All my life from 13 years of age I wanted to be strong and be able to defend myself. I started early, never got bullied, never backed down from a fight and never looked for a fight. My Dad God bless his soul, said, "Son there is always someone better than you, so don’t go looking for a fight.”

I started on the trail as a skinny little prick of 120 pounds, doing press-ups and chin ups, boxing with my brother, playing football against my brother with no holds barred, belting the piss out of each other until Mum said that’s enough and learning from my Dad who had 20 professional fights in and out of the Army during World War 2.

My brother was younger than me, bigger naturally, strong and tough. I used the Bull worker, and bought Joe Weiders Course when I was 16 years of age, just started my trade as an Electrical Fitter on the mine, and was scared of no one, fuck em I said to myself I am getting stronger, tougher, and can handle myself.

I started to go to the local boxing Gym with long time friend and trainer Jimmy Johns. Jimmy loved boxing and taught me heaps, but as the years went on I wanted something different: "True" self defense.

Twelve years ago I contacted Bradley J Steiner (the most knowledgeable Self defense trainer in the world bar none) via email and have learned from, and even visited and trained under Bradley in May 2014 for two weeks.

Brad taught me his style, American Combato, you know, street fight stuff, nothing fancy, fingers to the eyes, chops to the throat, hammer fist blows to the bridge of the nose, smash the balls, ear boxing, and sidekicks to the knee. One can break the knee with only 80 pounds of pressure, so why wouldn’t you do it in an emergency?

Before I met Brad I practiced my style at home always twice a week straight after Strength training. It was bag work usually 5 by 3 minute rounds of elbows, knees, an plenty of punching, straight lefts, right crosses, left hooks, upper cuts and body blows. This was my cardio plus 5 minutes on the air dyne bike at 80% max heart rate.

Now I practice American Combato twice a week for 30 minutes a time, at a slow easy pace concentrating as I have become older, doing it right so to speak. I also had several months of online training and consultations with Bob Whelan too.

I played (Australian Rules) Football from 10 years of age until the age of 32, and I feared no prick, only because of strength training and self defense mainly boxing and my own style of self defense.

Some people said I was a dirty bastard while playing football, but I knew if I didn’t get in first, they would get me, I WAS NEVER EVER INTIMIDATED. Never backed off and gave as much as I received.

I once stood up to a bully in Alice Springs, who was bad mouthing my girl friend who became my wife, I belted him and I followed him into the toilet and belted his useless fucking head in to the hand basin taps.

He kept his mouth shut in future around me, and my girlfriend.

I always trained with the weights twice a week, squats, dead lifts, behind neck presses, curls, dumbbell rows, the bench press, and dips.

Loved grip work and become strong in the hands and fingers.

Eventually got to 193 pounds and was strong for a bloke who didn’t have large bones, only a 7 inch wrist.

Squatted 285 lbs for 20 reps, and 325 for sets of 6 reps, dumb bell rows 120 lbs, and behind neck presses with 140 lbs, I love dips and could dip body weight plus 88 lbs for 6 reps.

My arms always grew to 16 and a half inches, could curl 125 lbs strictly for 6 reps.

As I have become older,  68 now, I can defend myself. I have learned to be Respectful, Peaceful, Gentle and Reserved, but know that at anytime I can explode like an atomic bomb. My training has changed a bit since I am older, same exercises just less weight and in proper style with great form, no cheating. Twice a week, once at home in my Gym and once in a local Gym where a trainer like Bob Whelan pushes the shit out of me.

I love that .. I decided to go and train at a local Gym, to add some variety and meet people as my wife of 44 years died of Lung cancer June 6th 2019.

This knocked the wind out of my sales, I lost 15 pounds of muscle and strength and it has become a huge challenge for myself to keep going, but I am slowly getting back to previous size and strength through hard work, good food and rest.

Those who have gone through it know, those who haven’t, I hope you don’t.

I know I need to keep going forward, easier said than done, I must and will. Strength training and self defense kept me sane, strong and able to handle the stresses of life.


There is no better combination of strength training and self defense in my opinion, to keep you fit, strong and ready to handle the chaos of life.

Don’t sit at home and do sweet F All, get off your arse and train, keep healthy by eating right, keeping your body and mind strong, to give you health, vigor and longevity.

Read as much you can from Bob Whelan, Stuart McRobert and Bradley J Steiner! You can’t go wrong with these 3 experts.

The Only Place "Success" comes before "Work" is in the dictionary.

Make savage the Body and civilize the mind.

The above are always in eye sight of me.

Editor's Note: Great story of life long determination my good friend David.  
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