Thursday, February 20, 2020

Readers Question Answered - By Jim Duggan

Readers Question:

Hi Bob: Another great article by Jim Duggan about the trap bar. Maybe you can get Jim or another great writer to write an article about the Texas Deadlift Bar or similar type deadlift bars. Example would the bar be worth purchasing if you not a powerlifter and just want to change things up. In other words would there be any advantage to using that type of bar over a regular oly power bar for the basement lifter. Keep up the great work! Thanks, Steve ...

Answer From Jim Duggan:

If you're not planning on competing in a Powerlifting or Deadlift contest, then I don't think it's necessary to purchase a special Deadlift bar. These bars are becoming increasingly popular, and are being used in various competitions. It seems like a new "world record" is being set every other month on these things. So, if you are planning on entering a meet in which a Deadlift bar will be used, then it would be a wise idea to become familiar with the equipment that will be used. There is a different feel to these bars, especially as the weight increases past 400- 500 Lbs. or so. Since the goal of a contest is to lift as much as possible on that day, not being familiar with the equipment will place the lifter at a disadvantage. But if you don't plan on competing, then a regular Olympic bar will more than suffice. Real strength doesn't require special equipment.

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