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Properly planning your weight training session - By David Sedunary.

I am closing in on 71 years of age and I still get nervous and anxious before I train, things I ask myself :  have I rested adequately, have I eaten enough food and the right food to give me sustained energy and strength, is my mind right, what are my goals  strengthening my body is one of my three main goals, not  to be a normal 70 year old, challenge myself, focus and use great form.  Planning a big protein and carbohydrate meal after my workout is important to me and being able to rest for a period after my hard work out tops off my training. While resting I reflect upon my workout, I rate my workout, could I have done better pushed or pulled harder and used better form and focus. Or better still did I give my all, if so tell yourself great workout, keep it up. You are awesome.

Before weight training I ensure I planned my workout correctly and have all the exercises written down in my diary, with weights used and rep goals or even weight increasements. The workout diary needs to be right and ready to go as it is my guide. I always take my small workout diary with me into the gym I train at.

What are the results we all are aiming for one may ask, normally should be an intense workout where all muscle groups are worked to failure or near failure. And the food you have fed yourself is going to encourage those stubborn muscles to replenish and get a little bit stronger and bigger, just a little bit, hopefully with God’s help. So here I go I always attempt to be in bed most nights at 10-30 pm and up at 7a m, the days before training I have eaten 3 large meals aiming for 50 grams of protein or more at each meal. 

For breakfast on the morning before I train which is normally consumed and finished at 9 am is 4 eggs, spinach, avocado, yogurt and 2 green apples. The glycogen in green apples will break down into glucose, which enters the blood and transport back to the muscles to be used in glycolysis or stored as glycogen.

Weight training for me is done at 12-30 pm every 4 th day. I then complete my diary, fill in all the exercises, weights to be used and rep goals. On the opposite page of my diary, I right in squares my goals, could be focus on form, challenge yourself, last workout of your life, make savage the body and civilize the mind, write in anything that motivates you and drives you hard during your workout.  

When arriving at the gym, whether it be away from home, in your basement or the back shed, don’t be bothered by anyone or anything especially earphones, telephones or lap top devices. Switch off and focus, workout of your like remember, maybe your last, warm up for 5 minutes and lift simple as that.

I am totally convinced that a properly planned and intelligently followed program of weight training does increase one’s life expectancy. I cannot believe that all other things being equal, a person who trains religiously will not live longer than a person who remains sedentary. I have met men in their 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s who were obviously in better shape than men in their 20’s simply because they worked out hard and they have always worked out hard.

I also believe life’s expectancy is increased through regular participation in such activities as martial arts, boxing, swimming, running, hiking, rucking, climbing and gymnastics. As well as other healthful pursuits. Getting old does not mean  demise in our health, whether emotionally, spiritually, or physically. I believe it is the opposite – as we age, we can become stronger and wiser. 

What I think is important, is not the debate about who lives longer (“the man who trains or the man who doesn’t “) but who lives better. I think that the improved quality of life that a hard training person enjoys so far surpasses that of the sedentary person that, even if the non-exerciser is a financial expert, his life is pitiful by comparison with the vigorous person’s. 

As we age, we can evolve and remember who we are spiritually and continue cultivating all those important aspects which prepare us to train hard and continuous. Diet plays an important role and is one thing we can investigate and experiment with to see what works.  I am a living testament to this, and so many others are. As we age find the time to strengthen your body, expand your knowledge and improve your health.

That is simple but achievable.

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