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Drugs - The illusionary Edge - By David Sedunary

Most (90%) of the bodybuilders we see whether on Google, television or in the magazines are chemical users. Even in my local Gym there are chemical users who try to fool all observers, “yes, they say I done it the natural way. What utter bullshit who are they trying to fool, not me as I have been natural for 55 years never touched drugs of any kind and never will. Believe it or not most of our influence and information on training is coming from the drug users. No one I have noticed does not want to listen to the people who have done it the hard natural way, built 180 to 190 pounds of muscle on 5 feet 10-inch frame, with a medium to small bone frame with a 7-inch wrist.

Gee you should be bench pressing more David than 260 pounds for a set of 6, and you only squat 355 for 6 reps, or 280 pounds 20 times and deadlift only 375 pounds for 15 reps. That was said to me when I was 38 years of age some 33 years ago, one could never do it now. It was all done naturally which I am proud of and are still under the iron. As mentioned earlier I have been training in weight training and bodybuilding for 55 years and have outlived many of our chemical contemporaries.

Look at the Olympic games most of us have become aware of the rampant use of drugs in athletes. The use of “Sports Drugs” is not new, and I am not all surprised. One can go back as far to the test results of even the 1983 games. Some track and field records had never been broken for 20 years, yet recently we have seen Olympic athletes shatter long – standing records. Was the results of superior athletes or training methods? I think not, this is the result of the use of sports drugs.

These athletes both men and women will never admit to their use? of course not. That is why so many athletes are disqualified all over the world either by the actual test or by not consenting to the test. This is the same as drug users who attend the workplace quitting their job because they will not pass the drug test. Simply stating it is quite clear they are using illegal drugs if they wont consent to a drug test. Where did it all begin and what is so bad about using these drugs. A well-developed physique has always been associated with health and strength since time and in the early years of bodybuilding. 

Soon men began to search for short cuts to the hard work and the time it took to develop a strong, healthy, and prize-winning physique. So, in their search they discovered there were certain chemicals which could be inserted into their bodies that could temporarily change the body chemistry and alter their physical appearance. This would give the body builder the artificial effect or the plastic effect which I call it, causing their muscles to appear, and much quicker than doing it the natural way. What a wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive.

There was only one drawback, the chemicals had an everlasting damaging effect upon the body and as a result, the drug using athletes jeopardized their health. This use did and now does even more cause irreversible damage to the internal organs, the main targets being the liver and the kidneys. These pumped-up New Breed chemical users want to win at all costs, with little thought given to health and wellbeing.

With the winning of all the trophies came the damaged livers, shriveled kidneys, triple bypass operations, cancers of all types, and death. Even as far back as the 60’s one well known Mr. Olympia developed prostate cancer took him out of competition and 10 years to recover. For physical perfection, the chemical athlete is looking at an early death, and huge amounts of suffering.

Epidemic of Dying Athletes Since Covid Jab Rollout.

I may be getting off the subject, but what disturbs and angers me is the Epidemic of Dying Athletes since the Covid jab rollout, were these athletes using chemical assistance along with the Covid jab, who knows. 

Fitness enthusiast, author and bodybuilding champion Doug Brignole died suddenly on 13th October after offering to be a test case for the safety of experimental COVID 19 gene – based. In the comment thread of one of his own Facebook posts, in which he promoted uptake of the controversial injections, the former Mr. America and Mr. Universe wrote “Those of you who think the vaccine kills people can use me as a test. If I die, you were right. If I do not die, and have no ill effects, you were wrong, and should admit it (at least to yourself). 

According to multiple reports the 62-year-old Brignole was scheduled to appear at the Amateur Athletic union Mr. Universe competition in Las Vegas on 22 October indicating his death was sudden and unexpected. In April, One American Network reported more than 769 athletes had collapsed on the field during a game between March 2021 and March 2022. The average age of these athletes was 23.

In Australia, the jab known as the clot shot – ending up causing irreversible adverse events for thousands of people. Australia has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world it never did stop transmission of COVID. How many people will have died by the time there is a widespread acknowledgement and anger over what was done with in the name of protecting us from a virus with a 99.73 per cent survivability rate.

Benefits from regular vigorous natural exercise.

Nevertheless, I am all for all-natural bodybuilding and weightlifting and exercise.

 It will:

Lower triglyceride levels, Lower blood pressure, Lower cholesterol levels, increase level of coronary arteries, Prevent premature aging, Fat reduction in the overweight, Increase energy and stamina, Better general health, Better personal mental image, Increase physical strength, Added personal confidence, Improve mental and physical relaxation and Better oxygen utilization, and many more.

It may take more time to get a good physique the natural way, but you will have the consolation of knowing that this is real muscle, and it was earned with honest hard work, and it will not go away when you stop taking injections. 

The choice is yours.

Editors Note: Great information David! I can't get enough steroid bashing articles.

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