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Improvement in Training and Life - By David Sedunary

When I was a young man growing up my Father gave me good street smart advice, none of this woke advice you hear and see today, which makes one near vomit with the thought of it .I believe the best piece of advice my Father gave me was : “Never stop trying to improve yourself son.” Improvement means “The state or process of improving.”

Firstly determine yourself what your major goals are in life, they can vary from when you are young to when you get older. My goals now that I am approaching 72 years of age are vastly different from the goals I had in my twenties and thirties. But I must say indirectly I was achieving or attempting to improve myself even way back then.

Your goals maybe as follows: 

1.What am I going to do to strengthen my body?

2. What am I going to do to expand my knowledge, and

3. What am I going to do to Improve my health.

Once you have you goals written down or cemented in your brain, you separate them and work on maintaining or improving each goal the best you can. Of course, we are not robots, there will be days when you slip back, but one needs to continue to push forward at all costs, it is the only way to improve. The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Strengthen my  body:

People with a wrist of just over 7 inches, with a small or medium bone structure normally have been genetically made to bench Press 300 pounds, Squat 400 pounds and Deadlift 500 pounds. That is for 1 rep in good form, after about 4 years of consistent training twice a week or twice every 7 to 10 days and focusing on the basic exercises. There are some who like high reps and have squatted 285 pounds for 20reps , which may equate to 400 for 1 rep, there are lots of formulae’s around, but we all know when we have reached our limit and when the time has arrived to maintain and keep our muscle and strength for as long as possible.

 To improve one may not be able to squat or deadlift safely, so try machines, or do bodyweight squats in slow style taking 10 seconds to lower and 10 seconds to raise, after 15 or 20 reps you will want to lay down, and your legs feel as though you have just squatted 300 pounds for 20 reps.

Every time you train  challenge yourself not to go back, stay with the weight which is heavy for you , push and pull in  correct focus and form till failure,  for you.  When training add weight when you can, you may drop back in reps. Try slow reps,  normal reps, more or less reps, less rest between sets and exercises,  1 set or 2 sets and improve your form. “I can and I will “ you say to yourself  “Make Savage the Body and Civilize the Mind” you repeat as you train. Work your full body, never give in. You have made the effort to train effectively. That is improvement and one has made the time to strengthen our body.

Expand my knowledge:

What am I going to do to expand my knowledge, to help me spiritually, mentally, and physically? Turn off the main stream radio and television, do not watch the so-called television channels which feed your mind with bullshit and fear. Change to watching Joel Osteen, Jordan Peterson and Jocko Willink or similar renowned mentors and mentally strong Christians. Check out web sites on strength training the old fashioned way drug free , such as Bob Whelan’s Natural strength .com old time strong men, Stuart Mc Robert’s writings such as Hard gainer , Clarence Bass’s informative web site. 

Never forget Bradley J Steiner obtain, if possible, all his writings and philosophies, Brad was a treasure of knowledge, which is why he was called the Professor. I myself read an Australian produced magazine called New Dawn. I have been reading New Dawn for several years, and love it. Everyone should read it as it’s a treasure trove of information from all different sectors, such as health, geo- political to the  financial and the spiritual side as well.

Find time to read, highlight in the books words and paragraphs that stand out  to you, it is your book write what you want, and high light when you can.  Obtain your own book and write down words and sentences which influence you. Some classics come to mind by Napoleon Hill, David Seabury, Jordan Peterson, Denis Waitley, David Schwartz, Norman Vincent Peale, and one must never forget Life Principles Daily Bible by Charles F. Stanley. In these days when a growing number of “experts” are routinely exposed lying and deceiving the public, it is time YOU became the expert when it comes to expanding your knowledge.

Improve my health:

What am I going to do to improve my health? This can cover Mental, Physical and Spiritual health, the previous two goals I have covered include this last goal. By strength training twice a week or twice every 7 to 10 days, by completing a form of cardiovascular training is also going to help. Feeling strong and able is great for one’s mental health. What a fountain of youth strength or weight training completed correctly ,without damaging drugs is for you.

I feel great when I train and after training I sit and   say to myself 

“I have achieved my goal of strengthening my body and also I have improved my health, mentally, physically and internally. What one puts in ones mouth improves our health, no alcohol, no illegal drugs or cigarettes.

Eat whole food, eliminate man made products and sugar, drink water , not soft drink. Eat 3 meals a day and consume 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of body weight or at least consume over 150 grams of protein a day. If you eat like a  bird you will look like a  bird. Have a yearly checkup at your Doctors , ask for a blood test or blood picture , just to see how you are going internally. Get plenty of quality sleep and rest , put your feet up and meditate once a day for as little as 15 minutes . This procedure will revitalize you. While relaxing do a maintenance check on yourself, how am I going you say to yourself mentally, physically , financially and spiritually. Health is Strength, Muscles and Fitness , the three in equal balance.

Can I improve my health, strength my body and expand my knowledge? 

You bet I can.

Do not say Do.

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