Friday, April 5, 2024

Training Progress Message and Instinctive Pyramids - From Tim Stevenson

Hello Bob,
I just wanted to let you know that progress is awesome, and not just bench. Squats and deads have been very linear in progression, had a rough patch for a couple workouts where they were really getting tough to punch out my 20 and 15 rep goals, but was making it, last couple workouts, squats and deads have felt very good with the added weight, been really paying attention to enough calories and drinking whole milk without restriction, just listening to what my body tells me it wants. I’ve gone from 203-210 in the past 5 weeks, still very comfortably wearing 33” waist wranglers and XL-XXL shirts with absolutely no visible difference in leaness, so my assumption is, we’ve added a solid 6-7lbs of lean mass.
My bench just keeps progressing upward using the instinctive pyramids. I use 8 rep, 5 rep, doubles, singles, and burnouts, alternating specific sequences week by week. I believe abandoning a heavy 12 rep goal has helped my progress tremendously. The rep ranges have been lower, with the pyramid scheme, and increased strength has come nearly every workout. 

So Bob, I just wanted to thank you again for all I’ve learned from your work. I thought I really knew something about working out before I found you, but between you, super squats, Jim Duggan, and Dick Conner, I’ve learned a great deal more, and much more valuable info because your guys’ findings have not been skewed by results of drug users, so I can’t thank you guys enough for what you have made available through coaching, podcasts, and articles. I’ll be devising a new set of questions to run by you on another coaching session here in the near future. I enjoy listening to your Natural Strength Night podcast while I’m working, but I’ve heard them so many times now, I can probably repeat them verbatim! 

Thanks again Bob.

Editor's Note: You are doing great Tim. Keep up the heavy and hard training. Thanks for the kind words too.   


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