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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Attention all Football Coaches, Strength Coaches, and Performance Coaches - By Ron McKeefery

Come join strength coaches from the Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals, University of Michigan, Naval Academy, University of Maryland, Temple, Eastern Michigan, and Western Michigan, Smarter Team Training, and Ultimate Strength and Conditioning present on year round strength and conditioning for football.

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Detroit Michigan - May 18, 2013

Baltimore Maryland - May 25th, 2013

Football Strong Clinics are designed for High School & College Football Coaches, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and Performance Specialist that work with Football players. Three College Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches each speak on one aspect of the Collegiate Annual Strength and Conditioning Plan (Winter, Summer, and Inseason Programs), along with one NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach speaking on their strength and conditioning philosophy. The goal is for the coach or performance specialist to come and be able to walk away with an entire years worth of programming. Then come back the following year and compare their Winter program to what they see this year and next year.

Ron McKeefery, M.A, CSCS, SCCC

Physical Culture

Vital Nutrition