Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BOOK REVIEW - Maximize Your Training - By Fred Fornicola

Originally posted on NaturalStrength.com on November 4, 1999

One of the foremost authorities of HIT, Mr. Matt Brzycki, has collaborated with some of the greatest strength and conditioning coaches of our era to put together a compilation of training experiences and unarguable proven results in a book appropriately called Maximize Your Training. With pioneers of strength and conditioning within the last 20 years such as Ken Mannie, Dr. Ken Leistner, Maximum Bob Whelan, Matt Brzycki (and the list goes on and on), you can benefit tremendously from reading the different approaches that are offered by these great minds. This book is not a full of magic secrets or just routines; it is an approach to training properly with emphasis on the whole picture of developing strength and condition. What Maximize has to offer is different from any book that I have ever read on productive strength training. Not only do you have several great minds contributing to this must read book; it doesn’t have to be read in any sequential order. When I first received this book (courtesy of www.barnesandnoble.com) , I read Matt Brzycki's chapter on Metabolic Conditioning, and if you have the, (pardon this ladies) the balls to do a Matt 3x3 (which I did this morning BTW and I’m paying for it now), you will experience what he is referring to. I also anxiously read Coach Ken Mannies chapter on Athletic Skill Development and then proceeded to read Maximum Bob's input on Balanced Training. As you con tell by the chapter titles, there is MUCH variety to this book and I can’t express to you the in depth but succinct writing that each author put into their contribution. There are some chapters that are extensive and you may not find them very interesting, but that's the beauty of this book, if there is some aspect of this book that doesn't hold your interest, you don’t have to read it right away. It may pertain to you later on down the road, but you'll be glad this book is part of your collection. I know I am.

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