Sunday, May 19, 2013

Please Buy a T-Shirt to Support Linda Jo in the Master World Games

Thank you for your support for my upcoming trip to the Master World Games in Torino Italy this Summer. As you know Master Athletes are not funded to represent the USA at any International events. I have been selling t-shirts to support my travel.

The Master World Game T shirts are almost sold out only have a few XL and Large left. If I can get enough orders to get another 25 shirts I can place another order. I will need to know and receive the donations before making the order.

If you are interested, they are $25.00 and I will need to know size, and mailing address

If you are interested in helping to support Linda Jo Belsito in her 3rd Master World Games you may choose to:

Donate to her by either purchasing a t-shirt for $25.00. Or you may choose to send a donation of any size to:

Linda Jo Belsito
23009 Winged Elm Drive
Clarksburg, MD, 20871


If you are interested in MWG T-shirts please let me know size and quantity, I will place another order if I get 25 confirmed to order order this week.

Thank you all for you continued support, and I hope to make you proud at the Master World Games, Turino Italy this year.

Linda Jo Belsito
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