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*100% RAW September update -

**Editors Note: GENERAL info is below. Go to the website for entry forms and specific contact info etc:

Dear Lifters,
There is lots going on in the federation as the year is winding down and the World Championships are rapidly approaching. The meet results are fully updated and the National & World records are all caught up expect for the Can-Am in Vermont, Steel Valley in Ohio. Those 2 events should be updated and posted this weekend. If there are any errors in the State records please e-mail your state chairman as they now are responsible for updating and maintaining those records. I will continue to Update the World & National records for the federation. If there is not a state chairman for your state then Jim Bultemeier will be updating the Illinois records and any other state without a chairman.

I want to take this time to recognize some new State Chairman for 100% RAW. Paul Gillott who is now our chair for Arizona, Ed Horwitz is now our Iowa Chairman, Adam Auerbach is our new Nevada chairman and Kenny Tawzer is our California chairman. That brings us to a TOTAL of 26 states fully active running events and 8 more states are in the negotiating process right now. We also opened our doors to International affiliation and have had 5 countries join and be part of 100% RAW. In 2009 we are looking to have 40 states fully running meets and see our membership top 2000 active members. The Ukraine will be holding their 1st 100% RAW event in October which is a World qualifier. I am very excited to see how our lifters compare to our friends on the other side of the World. Ryan Lapadat is getting ready to put on an assault of meets in Canada for 100% RAW in 2009. Ryan lifted in the Can-Am and won 1st place and we are looking forward in seeing him and his team come compete in the Worlds in November.

Upcoming events include this weekend in Jacksonville, NC September 13 at the Gold's Gym there. This meet will be The 4th Annual Jacksonville Open. A bench, deadlift & curl event. If you want to lift in this event you will need to contact myself or Herman Canada the meet director for this event.

Next week in Bloomington, IL we have the Central Illinois Full Power/Bench Press Championships. I will personally be attending this event to Judge and meet our lifters from this region. Hey Shaun "Bud" Lyte if your free I would love to see you come and visit. Also on the same day Bret Kernoff will be hosting the Supreme Fitness Challenge II - Push-Pull, Bench Press, and Strict Curl in Brattleboro Vermont.

Here is our schedule for the rest of 2008 below.

September 13 Jacksonville Open Jacksonville, NC - Herman Canada

September 20 Supreme Fitness Challenge II - Push-Pull, Bench Press, and Strict Curl Brattleboro, VT Bret Kernoff
Contact Bret

September 20 Central Illinois Full Power/Bench Press Championships Bloomington, IL Jim Bultemeier
Contact Jim

October 18 Police, Fire, and Military Nationals Toledo, OH George Shreve
Contact Geroge

October 18 Ohio State Bench Press/Deadlift/Strict Curl/Powerlifting Championships Toledo, OH George Shreve
Contact Geroge

October 25 Iowa Bench/Push-Pull/Deadlift/Strict Curl State Championships Council Bluffs, IA Ed Horwitz
Contact Ed

November 1-2 World Powerlifting Championships Hagerstown, MD Dan Corridean
Contact Dan (240) 417-2229

November 22-23 World Bench Press Championship Norfolk, VA Paul Bossi
Contact Paul 252-339-5025

December 13 Christmas Classic BP/Curl Stanardsville, VA John Shifflett
Contact John

Our new awards page has been updated and you will find new record plaques, certificates, Ranking Certificates, trophies and Sculptures all now available online from the 100% RAW website. We also have new 100% RAW apparel shorts and shirts which we hope will be posted this weekend as well online. We have past event shirts as well for sale. The shorts come in red, blue or black and the shirts come in a variety of designs.

Please make sure to get your entry forms in on time for the World Championships. The full Powerlifting Worlds deadline is October 1, 2008 and the single lift worlds is November 1, 2008. They both are 2-day events so please read the forms to see what day you will be lifting on. One question that has come up is that on the single lift worlds "do you have to weigh in twice if you are doing the bench on Saturday and the Curl or deadlift on Sunday". The answer is yes, you will need to weigh in each day for each event. We allow a 24 hour weigh-in but not a 48 hour so please do so. I am sorry for this, I kind of dropped the ball here not thinking of the guys who are cutting big weight. This being our 1st single lift Worlds where we have added a deadlift and curl I was not sure if I wanted to break up the weight classes. I like to have the room full of energy so I did not break up the classes but the events instead.

Please make sure to reserve your Hotel rooms ASAP before they are filled up or go back into the hotel inventory. You have until 1 month before the date of the meet to reserve your room before they go back into inventory. The Hotel for the Single lift Worlds has free shuttle service to and from the Airport and also the Venue as well. There are many good restaurants to eat at new to the hotel as well and there is many sites to see within 15-30 minutes from the venue. You have Virginia Beach within 20 minutes, Norfolk about 5 minutes away and Mall's all over the place for the lady lifters, wives' and mom's.

The Single lift Worlds we give away 11k in awards each year. Best lifters in all divisions and World Championship Belts for most open weight classes as well for (female, teen, master). We look forward in seeing you there. Please e-mail for more information.

We are now looking for any business or person who wants to sponsor a World Championship belt. The cost is $250 per belt and we will give that person or business a link from our website to theirs, 2 shirts from the event and a sponsorship plaque recognizing them as a sponsor of the federation. You also will have your name engraved on the plates on the belt as a sponsor and can request a certain weight class. The weight classes are 1st come 1st serve. We will also welcome anyone who is interested in doing so for the full Powerlifting worlds as well. If you know of a friend or business that is interested we would greatly appreciate any help. We hope to get enough sponsors to follow through as we have done in the past. This year we want to add a belt for the curls and deadlift's but it will come down to a sponsor thing. We are asking for you help and assistance in getting us some sponsors so we can continue to carry on this tradition.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful year and I look forward in seeing you compete with us soon on the platform. Train hard and eat healthy.

100% RAW Powerlifting Federation, Inc.
139 Marlas Way
Camden, NC 27921
President - Paul Bossi

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