Sunday, September 7, 2008

Message from Paul Fisher (via Brad Steiner)

Dear Professor Steiner,

Thank you for leading me to Mr. Bob Whelan's web site. The information in his wed site is invaluable and excellent. Mr. Whelan is fantastic, in his advice and character. His method of training is very similar to that I had learned from former Olympic track athletes like Mr. John Carlos (1968 Olympic bronze metal). The advice and articles that you have contributed to the site are an excellent resource for anybody serious about bettering themselves in athletics and self defense.

I agree whole hardly with all of your's and Mr. Whelan's advice.

I found it very interesting that Mr. Whelan and I come from the same area prior to my moving to Arizona. I was born and raised in DC. I was a former member of the Washington DC Fire Dept. I went to NOVA to receive my paramedic training, and my parents lived in Fairfax VA next to George Mason University.

The natural training that both of you advocate is the best ...period.

I have sworn by it my entire life and use many of the techniques today.

I have attached before and after pictures of myself. When the last picture was taken I had just completed a Sprint triathlon, and am still keeping that level of training up.

Please forward this message to Mr. Whelan, as I would like to send my sincere appreciation and admiration to this fine gentleman for all he does.

Your faithful and perpetual student

Paul Fisher

Thank You very much Paul for the nice letter. I appreciate your comments very much. Thank you also Brad for giving the info about my sites to Paul and for forwarding this great letter to me.

Best wishes to you Paul and feel free to post any questions on the Inner Circle. Hope to hear from you there.

Stay Strong,


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