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Professor Bradley J. Steiner - Bio

Ed. Note: Professor Bradley J. Steiner is a world famous expert in both strength training and the martial arts, (close combat self defense.) He is one of the most prolific strength training writers of all time and was one of my earliest inspirations and role models. I'm honored to now call him a friend. He has written numerous strength training articles for many of the leading magazines from the late 60's to the current day. He has also written several classic books on natural bodybuilding, powerlifting and strength training (as well as his numerous self defense publications.) His no nonsense, truthful and anti steroid philosophy are admirable. He is one of the very few martial arts/ self defense world leaders who "has it right" by advocating the importance of progressive strength training, (instead of foolishly ignoring the critical importance of strength in close combat self defense as most do.) Professor Steiner's American Combato Site

From the American Combato website below:

Has written over 30 published books.

Founder and GrandMaster of American Combato.

Professor Steiner is President and CEO of the International Combat Martial Arts Federation (ICMAF), an elite and prestigious organization of internationally recognized close combat, self-defense, and martial arts authorities.

Former President of the International Stick and Knife Fighting Association in Berlin, Germany.

Former Washington State Director of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers. (ASLET)

He has written in numerous magazines including; American Handgunner, Combat Handguns, Security Soldier of Fortune, Cavalier.

He has taught special agencies and teams in the art of Combato. These teams also have specially written manuals created by the Professor.
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