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The Development of Physical Power - Health & Strength Magazine - April 1906

Reprinted with permission of The Iron Master - Posted on on 21 July 1999

From Health & Strength Magazine - April 1906 Published courtesy of Malcolm Whyatt. Copies sent by Graham Noble. First hand information about Arthur Saxon's first published book.

The library of books dealing with the various branches of Physical Culture, and with matters of Health and Strength, generally, grows appreciably in volume. Some few of these works have probably been recognized as being partially liable to the accusation of having been issued more or less as "catch-pennies." But I think it will be conceded that no single branch of the world's affairs has been so ably catered for in the matter of literature. The vast majority of books issued have been from the pens of authors admirably qualified to preach, since they have given ample proof that they have, before they began sermonizing, thoroughly practiced the gospel which they later on sought to spread among their fellow-men. *** CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE ***
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Vintage Bodybuilding Literature
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