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Super Strength - Chapter 3 - Some Lifting Records - By Alan Calvert

Posted on on 15 February 2002

Illustrations are randomly selected from the book (too numerous to post them all) and are not necessarily from the same chapter.

When I first became interested in bar-bells I collected a lot of data about weight-lifting records. There was a time when I could tell you the world's record in almost any lift you could mention. I could tell you the records for the best men in the different nations at the same lift. I knew the name of the man who made the record, when he made it, exactly how many pounds he lifted, and which other men had come closest to equaling his record. As I grow older I find that I care less and less about records and more and more about body-building. It seems to me to be much more important to help a man to get a finely proportioned body, great muscular and organic vigor, and a higher degree of development, than to set him at record-making. *** CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE ***
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