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Tips from WST to Get You Stronger - (1-15) By Bob Whelan

Originally posted on on June 9, 2007

Here are some tips that will help you reach your goals:

1. Read every article on the web site. It may take you awhile, but work on it. Pay special attention to the Physical Culture History section, the Strength Training Truth section and Ken Mannie’s section (Spartan Strength) in Special Features.

2. Buy and read all of Stuart McRobert’s Books and all the back issues of Hardgainer magazine at The ORIGINAL BRAWN is still the best of his books.

3. Read the book Dinosaur Training. (If you can get you hands on the original earlier 1st edition, its even better than the revised edition in my opinion). Go to for info. The original 1996 edition may be on ebay.

4. **Buy the book The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. Its in the NaturalStrength bookstore. The best motivational book of all time. Read it and re-read it for the rest of your life. Memorize it.

5. NEVER skip breakfast.

6. Prefer a “knife and fork” lunch over sandwiches if possible.

7. Take at least a good multi-vitamin every day (as insurance) and for your over-all HEALTH. Keep an open mind and do your own research on other things like Fish and Krill Oil, Vitamin D, Niacin, a daily Aspirin etc. Keep on top of it as the information changes almost daily.

8. Get enough sleep every night.

9. Drink enough water every day - at least 8 big glasses per day. Most people are de-hydrated and don’t even know it.

10. *Take pride in doing the HARDEST exercises possible and focusing on them. Leave the easy stuff to the lowlifes. Concentrate your training on squats, squats and more squats. (Front squats too!) Also, focus on deadlifts, military presses, chins or pull-downs, various forms of heavy rowing, bench and incline presses etc.

11. You can do isolation exercises too but ONLY if you finish your core compound/multi-joint exercises first. (See #10) You don’t replace your squats with leg extensions. You don’t REPLACE your military press with lateral raises. Get it?!

12. Stop doing “Body-Part” Training. Its been around for about
50 years and is not “more advanced”. Its actually LESS ADVANCED and it shows that you are a gullible “newbie” who probably just bought your first “Muscle & Fiction” magazine and are trying to copy what the druggies do. Body-Part training became popular right about the same time that drug use started and its no coincidence.

13. **Take pride in your form. Pause about 2 seconds on your chest when benching and don’t move your feet or raise your butt off the bench! When squatting, ALWAYS go deep enough etc.

Always use the fullest (and safe) range of motion possible. *Pause at the midpoint of most pulling exercises and *pause after each rep is completed. *Lower the weight slowly on each repetition and *don’t just DROP the weight on the negative side of the exercise. Follow these rules ALWAYS especially when training by yourself! Its what you do when there is no one else to impress that makes you a champion!

14. Keep your life in perspective and don’t become a self-absorbed jerk like so many “gym lifters” are today. (I used to actually like most lifters! - Joking.) Don’t walk around like a stiff robot always flexing etc. Stop looking in the mirror & Focus on training “performance” (and training the right way). *Your “appearance” will take care of itself from your good training performance.

15. Follow my “Four F” Life Priority Sequence guide:

1. Faith 2. Family 3. Fitness 4. Finances/Job. Your job and finances will be even better if you put those three things ahead of it. Trust me! Your strength will improve too if you don't insult the real "Big Man".

Next article will be Tips 16-30. Stay Tuned!

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