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Tips from WST to Get You Stronger - (16-30) By Bob Whelan

Originally posted on NaturalStrength.com on June 28, 2007

16. Buy and read the classic old magazines like Strength & Health, Muscular Development, Strength, The Strong Man, Iron Man, (only by Peary Rader - not the modern crap the magazine turned into since 1986) etc. from Bob Adams. Bob is My Favorite Source. There are several others who sell them, but NO ONE gives me the great service that Bob does. My advice is to always check with Bob first. 101 Greenwood Drive, Butler, PA 16001, 724-282-4918 adamsrp@aol.com Also buy the classic iron game books at PhysicalCultureBooks.com

17. Train your WHOLE Body TWICE every 7-10 days. If you train once a week, it is not enough. Period. Learn to enjoy training BUT then TRAIN!!

18. Ignore “Flamingos!” Don’t be influenced by the wrong people. Always size-up a lifter first by his LEGS. In the serious strength world, “You ARE your legs.” The phony gym lifters who only do benches (with poor form) and curls are NOT lifters. They NEVER squat so they really don’t know anything about Hard Training - (but think they do.) They are not serious members of the Iron Game Fraternity but are what I call the “Johnny home-owner” type toners who do mainly curls simply so they can roll up their sleeves to show their 14 inch arms at the bar on Friday night. They are not strong so ignore anything about training they have to say. If someone looks like they spent half their life in a wheelchair, THEY ARE NOT STRONG! Remember: Flamingos are not LIFTERS!

19. Don't forget to work your neck.

20. Always work your grip too and train it for both pinching and crushing strength. Use a variety of exercises to train your hands and forearms. Order Titan’s Telegraph Key from Iron Mind Enterprises. Make a wrist roller and use it often. Train your grip to enable you to lift heavy weights. That's the purpose. Don’t waste training time to “specialize” in grip work and strength tricks, stunts etc. (IF you can’t yet lift heavy weights in the main core lifts.) Once you get strong in the big basic lifts, then specialize in grip if you are so inclined. There are too many guys already who have world class grip strength, can bend nails and rip phone books but can’t bench 300 or squat 400 - I've seen many of them; don’t be yet another one.

21. A one hour workout ... IS ... ABBREVIATED!! There are now those who call just one hour over training! Give me a friggin break! When I was a kid I felt like I was loafing when I first tried the one hour workouts! A three hour workout done 5-6 days a week is over training! One hour workouts done twice a week is definitely NOT over training! You can get a productive workout in 20 minutes or even less BUT you can NOT work your whole body in that time. You will leave out many important exercises. If you truly work your whole body including calves, abs, neck and grip and all the big basic pushing and pulling as well as legs ... HEAVY ... (not just going to failure with LIGHT weight) then you need about an hour to get it all done.

22. Burn (or destroy some other way) all your copies of the “Muscle Comic Books” like Muscle & Fiction etc. These are the worst sources of information you can read. They are filled with lowlife drug users who you should not want anything to do with. Their training info is written by drug users and is for drug users or the ignorant.

23. Also avoid any health or fitness magazine that has the word MEN’S in the title. These magazines are for the wimpy metrosexuals who need a weekly facial or manicure. They are poison to the minds of hardcore natural strongmen.

24. Remove the mirrors from your home gym. Never look in the mirror when you train. Remember: there are NO MIRRORS in Power lifting, Olympic-lifting, Strongman competitions etc. Focus on WHAT YOU ARE DOING - Not how you look! Stay Focused. You should be in narrow internal concentration when you train, NOT BROAD EXTERNAL concentration which the mirror sucks your mind into and this hurts your strength performance.

26. Read anything you can find by Dr. Ken E. Leistner.

27. Read anything you can find by Brad Steiner.

28. Never wear lifting gloves - use chalk! If your gym forbids chalk, find a new gym. Lifting gloves are like wearing a neon wimp sign.

29. Do not use supportive gear when training. Unless you have lower back issues, then a belt is ok, but avoid wraps, straps, hooks, suits etc. if at all possible. These things make you weaker - not stronger.

30. Do not replace "real food" meals with protein shakes and health bars. Eat real and natural FOOD!

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