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Be Careful What You Wish For at WST - By Ken Dowman

Originally posted on on January 18, 2006

On the same day I wrote my article "Training with the Human Wall and Max Bob" I had a training session at 5:00pm. The workout began with some new movements, the free weight bench press and some barbell curls with a two inch thick bar. We then did a set of pull-downs, Hammer Row, military press, and 20 rep squats. After the squats, Bob informed me he had a treat for me, the Farmers Walk! I stated in the article, "I hope that one day I will be able to attempt the farmers walk around D.C., but that will come with time." The time had arrived and I had no idea what I was asking for.

Lifting the 2 Atomic Athletic handles totaling a weight of 110 pounds (each) up the stairs was a workout in itself. I was under the impression that once we walked up the stairs the weight would be decreased but Bob told me that the weight never changes on the Farmers Walk so if you ask for it, you must be ready. I want to make it clear that Bob makes sure you are strong enough and in good enough condition before you attempt the exercise. That is why I trained almost five months to attempt the walk! I thought to myself there is no way in hell I can walk with these things in both hands around the block. Bob carried one up the stairs with ease and when we were outside I told Bob I thought they were too heavy. Bob said no way and that it didn't matter how many times I put the weights down, just as long I made it around the full city block (with 220 pounds!) I mentally prepared for what lied ahead, I picked up the handles, and the fun began. As soon as I began, there was a curiosity amongst the general public. One lady asked, "What the hell are you doing?" Bob informed her as I was breathing too hard to explain.

Every time I put the weights down Bob would come over with the bucket of chalk and words of encouragement. The chalk saved my hands and I put it on THICK at every stop. People in cars stopped and asked Bob what was going on and a homeless woman asked me for change. What the hell was she thinking? My body was on fire and I was in no mood to get hassled. It took just under 30 minutes for me to walk around the block and I had to stop a total of ten times. Ten was much lower than what I initally thought, I was thinking more in the twenty range. Bob let me rest outside the door for a couple of minutes before we carried the weights back down the stairs. Bob made sure I noted the amount of times I dropped the weight and next time we will shoot for single digits.

I am hoping that in the upcoming weeks I will have the ability to complete a full one hour workout and then complete the Farmers Walk. But then again, with Max Bob be careful what you wish for!

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