Friday, July 27, 2012

Message From Drew Israel - Training Update

Hey Bob, I hope you are well. I was just thinking about when I trained at a much slower speed. I always kept comprehensive records on my training. My strength is always very strong so this carefully has been taken into account. What Im going to say certainly has no malice I always like to see people thrive in there training. For DREW ISRAEL I found SLOW TRAINING to be great for injury pervention as well as keeping someone strong. I did find at faster speeds my strength increased faster. Now most things being relative my strength did improve somewhat over two years. I had to make sure the variables were stable. And it could be said almost any sane routine will get me stronger. Im lucky that comes easy.

But no doubt slow training made me smaller and slightly weaker. I traind this way two years. No one can truly say what the magic speed is. For me, when I use barbells and dumbells I do not count and just push as fast as I can and lower the weight slower. When I train with machines I use a slightly fluctuating 4 sec positive & 4 sec neg with nothing written in stone. I have never been as strong as I am now. But I'm more effecient now and I do two movements twice per week anything longer and strength gains really slow down. So pick a speed and bust you're ass and don't use sloppy form and strength gains will come.

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