Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nice Home Gym Set-Up in Ireland

Hey Bob,

All moved into the new gym - that was WORK and I was only moving 10 miles down the road I can't imagine the pain of moving it from Washington, DC to Florida!

I've included a few photos of the new gym.

Anyways the gym is approx 225 square feet, 8ft high to the wall plate. The floor is covered with stall mats 1.5 inches thick.

Equipment wise it has the power rack my dad made for me when I was 18

Approx 320kg in York olympic plates ( even though I don't really consider them "real" york plates as they came with 140kg barbell sets, the paint is chipping off some and I'm fairly sure they are chinese and not american made)

Some PDA stainless steel fractional plates in grams

Approx 150kg of york standard plates (again I do not consider them "real" york plates")

An early PDA shrugbar

An Ironmind Buffalo bar ( I use this on and off)

2 "york" olympic bars that came with 140kg sets

assorted standard barbells

Nautilus Pullover 2ST

Hammer Incline Press

Hammer 45 degree back extension

Stairmaster 4400CL

Exercise bike

Next thing on the list is to save up for a good quality olympic bar everything over here or by the time I get it over here easily ends up costing over twice what it does in the states. It will probably be next summer / autumn before I can afford it but I'm considering Ivanko, York, pendlay, texas power bar - I'm still reading reviews and pricing - have you got any recommendations for a good quality bar that I should also be considering?

Stu - your Irish brother in Iron

Stu, I would recommend the same ones you mentioned but I would also check to see if you could get a used ELEIKO bar. -Bob

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