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Q & A - Best Books and Propper Mindset - Brad Steiner

Dear Brad,

Here are a few questions for you from Paul M.

1. What would be the top books on self defense that you would have me read. I think that you recommend several on Paladin Press right?

2. I think its wise to try to de-flate or avoid conflict when possible right? But once you know it can't be avoided and you are threatened you must act. What is the propper mindset an individual should have once he decides he must fight?

Hi Paul,

I thank you for your questions.

Some of the top books on self-defense are books that really do not address the topic of "self-defense" per se, but rather are excellent treatments of close combat.

Book #1 is Kill Or Get Killed, by Rex Applegate (I suggest the WARTIME — i.e. the FIRST (1942) — edition . . . reprinted by Paladin Press)

Book #2 is All-In Fighting, by William Fairbairn (Reprint available from Paladin Press)

Book #3 is Cold Steel, by John Styers (Reprint available from Paladin Press)

Book #4 is Hand-to-Hand Combat, U.S. Navy V-5 Physical Education Book (Reprint available from Paladin Press)

Book #5 is BruceTegnér's Complete Book of Jukado, by Bruce Tegnér (Paperback and other versions for sale on eBay, and through many channels on the internet)

Book #6 is Self-Defence Complete, by Pat Butler (Out of print, but copies available and well worth purchasing, on line)

I would also refer you to my web site, for the Book Review Section, which you'll find helpful.

I agree with you 100% about the need to strive always to avoid violence and trouble. In fact, I have an article on our web site in which I explain that AVOIDANCE is in fact Technique #1.

Once it is clear that you are in real danger and cannot walk away, diffuse, or somehow talk your way out of a situation, and you must act to defend yourself, only an attitude of total fury and committment — utter ruthlessness and fierce disregard of anything save stopping your attacker — is in order. There's no "nice way" to defend yourself, I'm afraid.

You should expect to get hurt and disregard anything but dropping your attacker. Remember that human beings can be exceedingly difficult to "shut down" once aroused and on the attack determinedly, so followup, followup, and FOLLOWUP! Once you know that you must defend yourself do so and relent only when your attacker is harmless. This occurs — a) If he runs away (Let him go), b) If you can safely escape (Go ahead and get out of there!), or, if neither of those things obtain, then c) When your attacker has lost the ability and the will to endanger you further (Strike no more once it is clear to you that no danger is any longer present).

I wish you well, and if you have any further questions please know that I will do my best to answer them for you.


Brad Steiner


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