Monday, October 14, 2013

Needs Help Finding Christy Book: Real Strength, Real Muscle

Dear Mr. Whelan,

I've been a great fan of yours since ever I first read your articles in Hardgainer. The sound principles that you and other Hardgainer writers have promoted through the years continue to guide me to this day, so I must thank you for your valuable insight into the iron game.

Anyway, I have a somewhat unusual request, and thought that you might be able to help me. It might be a long shot, but I thought I would try anyway, since I have exhausted all other options.

For several months now, I have been trying to buy a copy of the late John Christy's book "Real Strength, Real Muscle", which he used to sell on his site, However, his site seems to have gone down sometime in early 2013, and apparently it was the only source for buying that book, as I couldn't find any other online merchants selling it, and all the third party recommendations were leading back to his own site, now unavailable.

What I wanted to ask was, considering that you were an acquaintance/friend of his, if you maybe have any extra copies lying around and were able to part with one of them, or if not if you have any ideas of online options for purchasing his book, or at least some contact information (an email address maybe) where I might get ahold of someone (perhaps a family member) to inquire about the possibility of purchasing his book. Since I found noone on eBay selling this, this may be my last remaining chance to maybe get ahold of a copy.

Thank you for your time, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Emanuel Mihaiescu  

Thanks for the nice message Emanuel. 

If anyone can help Emanuel find a copy ...  please contact him at email:   

elsydeon at gmail dot com
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