Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tru Squat Machine Wanted & Beefy Buffalo Bar for Sale

Hi Bob,

I cannot do TB DL's anymore.  The pull on my upper body, makes me move at the L5 and causes me alot of pain. I have to be very selective. Most people with this disorder are alot less functional than I am.

I can do Squats with a ball up against a wall and I am fine. I can even do the hip stuff etc, but anything that consists of carrying anything with  my upper body, is a no-go. I can do curls seated and standing, but when standing I have to keep the knees bent and maintain PERFECT form. No overhead pressing etc. I can use a hip sled with no issues as well.

Basically looking to sell the Beefy Buffalo Bar for 400.00 plus S&H.  Its mint and I can take pictures for those interested. If someone has a TRU SQUAT and they want to part with it and would like to work out a deal, then let me know. The BBB's are 589.00 new as you know and this one looks it. I have taken well care of it and have not used it in 7 years due to my back situation. Its been hard. I used to squat double bodyweight with it for reps, but no longer.

IronMind Beefy Buffalo Bar in mint condition. Asking 400.00 plus S&H. Email for pictures.  Looking for a Southern Xercise Tru Squat machine. 

If you have one or know of anyone who does, let me know. I cannot do heavy squats anymore due to Spondylolisthesis.

Please contact Troy at:
Thank you Bob, I sure appreciate it!
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