Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Remembering Bradley Steiner - By Jim Duggan

      Several days ago, when I learned of the passing of Bradley Steiner, two thoughts came to mind.  First, was that the Iron Game has lost another iconic figure. Second, was the sad fact that the majority of people who lift weights today probably have never heard of Brad Steiner.  What a shame.

     My first introduction to Mr. Steiner was through the pages of Peary Reader's Ironman magazine.  Back "in the day" Ironman was considered to be the least biased of all the muscle magazines.  Peary Rader put out a magazine that covered all facets of the Iron Game. He did it in a straightforward style utilizing the talents of many gifted writers.  Whether you were an experienced lifter, or just starting out, Ironman had something for everyone.

     Brad Steiner was one of the contributors to Ironman.  His column "Answers to your Problems" answered questions from readers.  There was a great deal of valuable  training information disseminated through his column over the years.  There were a few that stand out in my recollection. 

     In the May 1984 edition, Mr. Steiner received a question about how to train.  In addressing the question, Mr. Steiner hit the nail right on the head.  "Training is simple.  Hard work and perseverance" are the keys.  I've often stated that valuable training information is timeless.  Hard work and perseverance have been building stronger bodies long before his article first appeared.  And, decades later, most successful trainees recognize the importance of hard work. 

     In the March 1982 issue, Mr. Steiner addresses the problem of setbacks, slumps, and difficulties.  Any person who has ever hoisted the steel has had to deal with plateaus, injuries, and other obstacles.  We've all had our share of training ruts.  The answer, according to Mr. Steiner, was persistence.  "If you keep trying, keep working, keep thinking about your struggles with whatever problems you experience, you will ultimately win."  This advice goes far beyond lifting weights.  Think about any struggles you may be experiencing in your life, and how to solve them. Then go back to the words of Mr. Steiner.  

     In the May 1982 issue, a reader asked Mr. Steiner about training at home versus working out at a gym.  The answer was short, sweet, and tithe point:  Where you train has little effect. JUST TRAIN."  During the past year, with gym closings, shutdowns and other obstacles, his words are a simple reminder of what really matters.

     Brad Steiner authored two classic books that should be required reading for any person who wants to lift weights. "A Complete Guide to Effective Barbell Training," and "The Hardgainers Bible."  Both books promoted the idea of hard work on the basic movements.  If you can get your hands on these two books, by all means do so.

     Looking back at the works of Brad Steiner, and his contributions to the Iron Game, it occurs to me that there have been a great deal of gifted, talented writers that have contributed to the advancement of Physical Culture. Dr. Ken Leistner, Bob Whelan, Brooks Kubik are but a few.  Bradley Steiner ranks up there with the great Iron Game writers and teachers.  Rest in Peace.

Editor's Note: Great Article Jim. You also belong in that group of writers too. Brad will be missed. There are only a handful of writers left who have the balls to be openly AGAINST steroids. Now we have one less. Brad was one of the best. 

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