Wednesday, December 16, 2020

We Lost One Of The Best in Bradley J. Steiner - By Bob Whelan

Way back in my early years of training, I had a framed article written by Bradley J. Steiner on the wall. I bought several of his books and always loved reading anything he wrote. He was one of my earliest inspirations, a role model and a mentor. He always preached truthful, sensible training. No gimmicks. He was strongly against the use of steroids. It was a thrill for me to have one of my earliest inspirations to eventually become my friend. He was a guest on my podcast twice and he contributed a chapter to IRON NATION too. He also contributed several articles to

Brad was a world-renowned expert in two separate fields: strength training and the martial arts. (Especially self-defense and close combat.) He wrote over 30 published books in these areas of study. Brad was a tenth degree black belt and Founder and Grandmaster of American Combato. Professor Steiner was President and CEO of the International Combat Martial Arts Federation, an elite and prestigious organization of internationally recognized close combat, self-defense, and martial arts authorities. He awarded me a Physical Training Instructor (strength & conditioning) Certification from his organization.

He was one of the greatest strength training writers ever and has helped thousands of people with his truthful advice. He was one of the few writers left with the balls to be strongly against the use of PEDs.

I will miss his legendary email rants that he sent to his inner circle of friends. Brad was a truth finder and a truth teller. He was passionate about his beliefs and was an articulate speaker and writer. I'm gonna miss him. This one hit me hard personally, but all of us who knew Brad are better people from knowing him. Thanks for everything Brad and rest in peace.


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