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THE DEVELOPMENT OF PHYSICAL POWER - (Circa 1906) - Chapter 13 - Two-handed Lift to the Shoulder, Bell on End - By Arthur Saxon

The bell having been stood on end, stand with the left foot in front of the right, and a good space between the two. Now place the right hand in the centre of the bar, the left hand immediately below same. Place the right elbow on the hip and to the front, as shown in illustration, then bend forward with the head held down, after which suddenly lean backwards, lifting upwards with both hands, at the same time the right elbow on the body being used as a fulcrum on which to lever over the weight. To perform this lift properly the legs will have to be considerably bent at the time you pull the bell over towards you. If this is done fairly quickly, one ball will, with the aid of your hands, overbalance the other, by falling over and backwards. After adjusting your right elbow more to the back, you are then in a position for the bent press.

Another method is to place the left hand at the bottom of the bar above the discs, your left arm to be straight and your right to be bent and resting across the body. Stand as close to the bar as possible, instead of away from, as in preceding position, and bend the legs to a greater extent, then raise the bar to your chest and lift with both the left arm and the right arm together, suddenly tossing the bottom set of discs away from you and to the left, at the same time quickly bringing the right elbow on to the body. The first method is more suitable for long bars, and the second method for short bars.

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