Monday, June 20, 2011

WST Client Message


It has been less than two months since you started training me, but I just wanted to send you a short note telling you how pleased I am with my progress.

Anyone who thinks that working out twice a week is not enough needs to "attempt" go through just one workout at Whelan Strength Training. The workouts are just as much mental as they are physical. 20 Rep Squats are just one example where you must push your muscles, cardiovascular system and mind beyond what seems even remotely possible. You just push to get one "impossible" rep after another until you get 20 and then you just about collapse from muscular, cardiovascular and mental exhaustion. Then you move on to the rest of your workout that in most ways is similarly grueling. These workouts are simply not for normal people. If someone wants to watch TV while walking on a treadmill in brightly colored gym outfits, or do cable flys and tricep push downs as their "workout" on shiny chrome machines, then they are coming to the wrong place. If someone wants to add 100lbs to their bench in less than two months (I did at 43 years old!) then they need to come to Whelan Strength Training where you will work the whole body as a complete system very hard twice a week. If you push hard, at the end of each workout you will be mentally and physically depleted. You will have nothing left. You will barely have enough energy to just shake hands and say goodbye, but you will get results and will leave WST needing days of proper eating, rest, and sleep to recover for your next workout.

Thanks Bob!

I will see you later today.


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