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THE DEVELOPMENT OF PHYSICAL POWER - (Circa 1906) - Chapter 17 - Double Handed Bar-bell Lift Overhead - By Arthur Saxon

Clean Lift:

Having ascertained the centre of the bar, stand with the heels a few inches apart, then stoop down and quickly pull the ell to the chin, stepping forward with one foot and backward with the other, both movements to be performed at the same time, sinking the body and throwing the elbows and wrists underneath the bar as it comes up. I would point out that the stooping position is a very tiring and fatiguing one, therefore do not lose any time in this position, but mark your bar before going down. Another hint is this, that it is possible, after raising the bar to a certain height, to give it another pull just as it is about to commence going down again as you dip beneath it, and this final pull, which is hard to describe, should mean a good 10 lbs. or 15 lbs. to you once you thoroughly master it. Having got the bell to the shoulders, stand in position. Now bend the legs, but not too much, straighten same, and quickly jerk the bell aloft, at the same time placing simultaneously one foot forward and the other backward, sinking beneath the weight, on which you must keep your eyes or you may fall backwards, carrying the weight with you, or rather, the weight will carry you with it. The greatest fault you can make is to stand, when ready to jerk, with the back bent in any way. If you do so you will give beneath the weight when you bend the legs before jerking, and there will be no "snap" in the movement. Take a deep breath just before you jerk the weight, and concentrate your mind strongly on sending same to a straight arm. Do not try to half jerk the weight and finish with a push. This is a common, but fatal error.

Continental Style:

In the continental style a far heavier weight may be raised than in the English. The first position is to bring the barbell up on to the abdomen instead of attempting to bring it right to the chin in one movement; holding it on the abdomen, you give a dip and a jerk, pulling with the arms as strongly as possible, and splitting the feet so that you find the weight in one more movement at the chin, or some men prefer to get it there in several movements, first higher on the abdomen, then on the chest, and then to the chin. You must exercise care at first and practise with a light weight, or you may have an accident and severely sprain your back. It is best at first to have a friend stand behind you in case of accident.

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