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THE DEVELOPMENT OF PHYSICAL POWER - (Circa 1906) - Chapter 12 - I Appear at the National Sporting Club - By Arthur Saxon

As is well-known, the National Sporting Club is the headquarters for sport and sportsmen in this country. Records established there are., of course, beyond doubt, and on the 29th January, 1906, I was glad to avail myself of the opportunity accorded me to appear at the National Sporting Club to attempt to break my record for a one-handed lift. My bar-bell, weighed in the presence of representatives from the Sportsman, Sporting Life, Daily Telegraph, Chronicle, Health and Strength, and Mr. Bettinson, the Manager, was found to weigh 353 lbs. On this occasion I succeeded in pressing the weight to a straight arm above my head no less than six times, and although the lift could not count as a record owing to my not having brought the body erect, yet I believe everyone was satisfied that, under more favourable circumstances, I could accomplish this particular lift.

On March 15th, 1906, I again appeared before members of this Club, but, owing to a severe strain, had to limit my performance to an exhibition lift of 303 lbs. pressed with one hand. This, of course, was weighed on the National Sporting Club scales, but I do not claim any record, as it is considerably below what I have lifted. I hope at some future date to again appear and press at least 350 lbs, with one hand from the shoulder, when the management have kindly promised to sign an illuminated certificate, certifying that I performed this feat under their presence, and this diploma will establish beyond doubt the authenticity of my one-handed lift, emanating as it would do from such an authoritative source.

On this latter occasion I was presented with a purse amounting to close on 50 pounds in gold, in recognition of my ability as an athlete, and as a mark of esteem from my fellow lifters and admirers. The subscription list was headed by the well-know Health and Strength Magazine, and needless to say I felt very proud and highly gratified to have such a tribute paid to my worth as an athlete. It is very nice to think that one's ability is recognised and appreciated, and although I do not know that I dare promise to do more in the future than I have in the past, yet I shall strain every nerve to maintain my right to the proud title of "The Strongest Man on Earth."

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